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Be the possibility

Leaders and bridge builders are everywhere: in neighborhoods and diasporas, in corporations, health care, school systems and non-profits. It is our belief that when global bridge builders are trained and facilitate Collective Healing, systemic changes emerge..

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Safety in relations


The First Step: Trauma-informed compassion across differences








A facilitated small group practice focused on presence and interconnection




Restoring balance


Compassionate leadership and wellness at work and in your community




Collective power


Collective Healing Facilitation and Training

"This training is helpful across all backgrounds and experiences. It speaks to humans finding new ways to listen to and understand each other." 

"Recognizing ourselves in each other, this experience of being witnessed, with deepest humility and respect, brings 
recognition of hope and healing to the world".


"I learned compassion for self and others and to speak up for what is needed.

Finding space to breathe and heal
The change is within me."


"We have everything we need right here,
Healing the world, one community at a time."

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