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Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

What we do...

The collective trauma of historic, intergenerational and mass trauma continues to permeate individuals, families and community systems. Current times of Covid, climate disruption, racism and social inequities requires rebuilding bridges toward Individual Healing, Collective Healing and Community Resilience. 

Re-rooting requires building bridges back to the connection between being human, the natural world and the original knowledge of our earliest ancestors. The process is to move into Collective trauma, finding pathways that are not anchored in traumatic reactions but rather in our collective ability to slow the spread of trauma while building the inner and outer resources in our human capacities to heal. 





How we do it...

  • Safety in Relations through humility and compassion: The first step to becoming a Bridge Builder, in this Modern world, is to find new ways of listening and understanding ourselves and each other across differences.


  • Healing Witness through practice:  Joining a small group experience deepens a personal process of collective healing while listening to ourselves and witnessing others.


  • Healing Justice & Restoring wellness, equanimity and sustainability into Education, Healthcare, Community services and Corporate systems. Upon request, we consult, then design Workplace Wellness and Sustainability through training, facilitation and consultations. 


  • Collective Healing Support Facilitation & Training: Expanding the network of Bridge Builders by facilitating and training intercultural collective healing with emerging communities experiencing war, persecution and mass trauma. Each community request is unique and will require consultation and preparatory meetings.

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