Respect. Healing. Justice.

Leaders and bridge builders are everywhere: in neighborhoods and diasporas, in corporations, health care, school systems and non-profits. It is our belief that when global bridge builders are trained and facilitate Collective Healing, systemic change happens.

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Together, we make a difference in the world.



We facilitate collective wellbeing and belonging by:


  • Facilitating and training emerging communities

  • Building cross cultural relationships

  • Trauma healing and integration practice

  • Collective healing action towards systemic change



This is a diverse and collaborative team of seasoned professionals in the areas of intercultural communication, world peace initiatives, collective trauma, transcultural health and collective healing.


With decades of practice, training, consulting, research and writing, along with cross-cultural development through the arts & humanities, we are joining the global effort to re-awaken bridges of human connection, thus clarifying the interdependence between humanity and the Earth. 

Be the possibility


Be the One


Trauma-informed compassion across differences





Be the Bridge

Intercultural Leadership Support Training





Be the Change


HR & Leadership Retreat: Transforming today’s work spaces through socio-cultural inclusion. 


Be the Healing


Collective Healing Support Facilitation Training

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Be the healing
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A Model for Collective Healing pilot project


All donations to the Collective Healing pilot project are tax deductible.  The non-profit Gateway Community Services Maine is our fiscal agent and will be receiving donations starting in June 2022


Thank you for your support and please be in touch:


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Open PDF to learn more about A Model for Collective Healing with Diaspora


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