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Be the One

Introductory training - Trauma-informed compassion across differences

The first step to becoming a Bridge Builder, in this Modern world, is to find new ways of listening and understanding ourselves and each other across differences.

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"This training is helpful across all backgrounds and experiences. It speaks to humans finding new ways to listen to and understand each other." 

Develop skills in collective trauma-informed compassion, intercultural humility, community building, and communication. This live or online training will help learners:

  • Understand collective trauma and trauma-informed ways to support collective healing in your community.

  • Deepen understanding, learn and practice skills necessary for effective engagement across cultural differences.

  • Join the growing Bridge Builder network while engaging in intercultural community resilience and action.


Times of Covid, global unrest, environmental disruption and racial trauma, heighten the spread of collective trauma. Over half of the World’s children do not have access to a healthy development.
Trainees, from all sectors of the public, will learn the current approach in supporting respect, safety, humility and compassion into the systems raising the future, our children.


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