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Be the Bridge

A collective healing experience - a personal practice

Joining a small group experience deepens a personal process of collective healing while listening to ourselves and witnessing others.

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"Recognizing ourselves in each other, this experience of being witnessed, with deepest humility and respect, brings 
recognition of hope and healing to the world".







Photo by Tim Woolliscroft on Unsplash

A  small group process unfolds through a series of online sessions focused on building a personal practice of self-awareness while being witnessed and witnessing others. This offering is for those interested in beginning a personal collective healing practice, or those interested in facilitating collective healing support or becoming a Bridge Builder with Bridge to Belong.


Objectives in small group process:

  • Participants will begin a practice of presence within, re-activating healing support

  • Participants will deepen their ability to truly witness another through responsivity

  • Participants will activate their own healing within the community .

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