Be the Bridge

A Sustainable Practice of Intercultural Leadership support

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A comprehensive intercultural community support training focusing on equity and inclusion, collective healing support, well-being and intercultural community building & communication.


Words from a past participant and teacher:

“The presentations were informative and useful, but more than that we had time to connect in small groups and learn together, which was a gift. Although it seems like a substantial commitment, the hours together went by quickly and I left each session having learned so much from those in attendance. I always felt recharged after our time together."


Objectives to training:

  • Participants will begin to understand collective loss and ways to support collective healing in their milieu

  • Participants will deepen their understanding of cross cultural considerations and be effective in leading themselves when communicating across differences

  • Participants will deepen community and mutual understanding

  • Participants will understand and explore supporting emotional expression, balance and promoting resilience.