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Be the Change

HR & Leadership retreat for Education, Healthcare, Community services and Corporations

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Image by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist

A practice of compassionate leadership and collective wellbeing leads to reduced burn-out and isolation, increased belonging, innovation and sustainability. 

We will gather together in a beautiful space to retreat and develop the practice of Personal Leadership. Personal Leadership is a practice of trauma-informed, building upon intercultural communication development. It is a reflective inquiry that enables equitable discernment of the best way forward in the face of difference, uncertainty, and change. 

This workshop is for YOU if you:

  • Work with people who are different from you

  • Want to navigate uncomfortable situations with clarity and confidence

  • Agree that the difference between knowledge and competence is in practice

Expect to learn how to:

  • Be at your best under stress and pressure

  • Act in alignment with your vision

  • Make mindful and creative decisions at critical moments

  • Navigate ambiguity with grace

  • Lead yourself while leading others

  • Stay centered as the world is spinning

*Upon request, we can then design Workplace Sustainability training and consultations.

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