Be the Healing

Collective Healing Support Facilitation

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Collective healing is the ability to re-energize cooperative human capacities in a strengthening, through diversity and mutual understanding. We practice an intercultural Collective Healing model for integrating collective trauma. The facilitation of intercultural community peer support, promotes belonging, allowing an individual to connect to others for mutual support while integrating traumatic experiences. Such a model promotes hope, providing a path of well being.


This extensive training promotes intercultural community support in collective trauma and healing, intercultural communication, and facilitation skills. By the end of the training, participants will have the skills to facilitate Collective Healing Community Peer Support groups in community networks. This model has the capacity to integrate a train-the-trainer process that sustains ongoing community healing and encourages adoption and adaptation of the model in communities across the world.


Objectives to training:

  • Develop intercultural humility, communication and community building skills

  • Develop skills in reflective listening, presence, wellbeing and Personal Leadership

  • Practice peer group facilitation support skills through an intercultural Collective Healing Model.

  • Learn how to adapt the model to meet the needs of the requesting community.

* Each community request is unique and will require consultation and preparatory meetings.