A diverse team of multidisciplinary and intercultural professionals, with expertise on the human experience, as it relates to mass trauma and its recovery.. 




To foster collective healing pathways of diverse and intercultural communities through an intercultural resilience exchange process, so that collective wellbeing expands worldwide.




With the rise of coronavirus worldwide, division and the overt exposure to systems of  archaic injustices, the globalizing world community is suffering. Later generations are born vulnerable; to continued oppressions, emotional and physical disease, deep isolation and ongoing fragmentations. Today, we are seeing humanity rise and fall with each traumatic event, with messages of unity and need for change and healing.


 If unsupported, people can lose self-respect and the ability to revere life, which results in anger, isolation and dis-ease. Such sustained disconnection brings aggression towards others or self. Yet, it is within this liminal time that we are capable of finding our connection back towards wholeness.


In this globalizing world, within uncertain times, there is an opportunity for hope, reconnection and collaborative bridging to collective healing. A systemic infusion of this intercultural, collective healing model will energize systemic change.